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Snug in the Snug

 I’ve held a myriad of jobs in my life: manager of a haunted movie theater, bartender,  investigative reporter/photographer/editor of a local newspaper, assistant manager of a farm-to-table organic restaurant, 911 operator, addiction technician at Hazelden-Betty Ford (I wish I could write a blog about some of the people I met there…😊) and most recently, retail manager of a native plant store/gift shop. When I retired from my “professional” positions, I donated most of my fancy clothes to the local thrift store and converted my walk-in closet into a library/office.

The vanity where I once made myself prettier, is now my desk where the magic happens that is the now legendary, and increasingly popular “Something to Mulch Over.” Despite the strange old lady staring back at me as I work on my blog. She looks vaguely familiar…

My desk is full of my laptop, notebooks, pens, pencils, a picture of my nieces, a picture of BC and myself, piles of random pieces of paper with ideas for blogs or the Facebook page jotted down. I would post a picture, but it is a bit chaotic in here at the moment and I prefer to relax.

Now, instead of hanging out with Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Merrell (whoever he is), I hang out with Doug Tallamy, Rosalind Creasy, Benjamin Vogt, Heather Jo Flores, Sark and Bill Watterson, among others.  Those “in the biz” will recognize those names immediately. The other million of my followers will likely head straight to Google.

I call it my snug because it is warm and cozy and it is my happy place in the winter.  In England, a “snug” is a small, cozy room where one goes to relax and find comfort. (Thank you, Escape to the Country. Now I just need to figure out the difference between a wet room, loo, water closet, lavoratory, and WC.) In the summer I barely have time to breathe, but now, during the off-season, I spent a lot of time in here. My snug is snuggly. I strongly recommend everyone have one.

Courtesy Pinterest/Negin Sgh

This is my happy place. Well, our entire three acres in my happy place. But this is my happiest place. BC wants to go adventuring and I just want to stay home in my hygge clothes and listen to Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur and work on my blog and my photography, and recover from the trials and tribulations of 2023.

Caspurr, Rockie Talkie and Dexy are all sleeping in the bedroom. It’s cold and snowy outside so Grizz is pouting in the living room. Nukidee has no idea what is going on around him…

I will be spending a lot of time in here over the next few days. I once read a blog by in which January was described as the “Armpit of the Year,” and he wasn’t wrong. We’re about to see how “armpitish” Mother Nature can be…we have a chance of between three and three hundred inches of snow this weekend, with plummeting temperatures, and if that wasn’t enough, we’ll have wind gusts nearly thirty miles per hour, dropping “feels like” temps to thirty below zero. You do not want to know what I “feels like” saying to you right now, Mom Nature.

Despite my loud protests, BC insisted we go grocery shopping yesterday.

Me: “There will be people and they’ll say hi and shit!”

BC: “We’ll just keep walking!” (He makes walking motions with his arms.) “No hablo ingles!”

Thank goodness we found eachother. As BC puts it, “we are eachother’s kind of crazy.”

But we did venture out, bought food for the two humanoids in the house, food for the five cats, food for the birds, the deer, the turkey and the possum. It’s going to be brutal out there for our furry and feathered friends.

We probably won’t leave the house until next Wednesday and being introverts, that’s not an issue.

We have a gym downstairs, books to read, blogs to write, Facebook posts to create, permaculture courses to study, jewelry to make, and I will be dabbling into recipes from “Half-Baked Harvest,” which I just discovered this week. I might try to make bagels but since baking requires following rules, I’m not holding out much hope.

Probably some calisthenics with cats. Ours love to participate. Sharing is caring.

Maybe some yoga with my sister. Check out her “Yoga with Michelle” FB page. She is amazing.

I’ll start the companion planting design for the little veg patch and order seeds (yes, to include Oyster Leaf.) We may binge watch House Hunters in the Caribbean. We will likely have popcorn and movies a couple of times (see my “Barefoot in October" blog post for my now world-famous popcorn life hack.)

I will probably write a couple of blogs. There’s never any lack of material around here.

And I might even clean the snug.

Thanks for hanging out with a couple of introverted goofballs. We hope to see you again soon. We love you “snow” much. See what I did there...?

And since we’ve opened that can of worms:

What do snowmen eat for lunch? Icebergers!

What do you call a snowman who tells tall tales? A snow-fake!

What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes!

Ok, I’ll stop now…

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