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A Cadence of Cicadas or Nature is the Music

I'm sitting out on the deck tonight, being serenaded by cicadas and tree frogs. Their summer song echoes, quite literally, through the tall pines edging our yard. I almost didn't hear the doe in the shadows snorting a warning to her twin fawns. (And also to the cats. But that is a blog for another time.)

The cardinals sneak into the bird feeder, chirping their delight at dusk.

The yellow coneflower and giant sunflower glow during the golden hour. Both are taller than me. Over-achievers...

One of at least ten monarchs in our yard today.

The ten monarchs earlier cavorting through our yard are sleeping or making popcorn and watching NatGeo. The bees are bumble-snoring in their safe places. The soldier beetles are hanging out with the Joe Pye. The bats in the backyard just woke up for "breakfast."

The horizon spills pink into a fading blue summer sky. If there is a moon, I can't yet see it.

The night is cool. I'm wearing a summer dress and I'm wrapped in a blanket and a Columbia jacket from Good Will. No one could call us pretentious.

BC is reading in the gazebo. The Three Musketeers. I love that man more than tabasco. And that's saying a lot.

How could you not love that face more than tabasco?

The night is cool. The morning will be cooler. Forty-eight degrees. Our coolest temp for the next forty-eight days. Not that anyone is counting... The citronella candles are keeping the mosquitos at bay and warming my toes. I'm hoping I don't set my summer dress on fire.

My friends tonight, other than the tree frogs and cicadas, are old farmers. Yes, it's what I do for fun. This adventure is never-ending and constantly changing. I'm always learning.

Me, hanging with the old farmers...

I look at this picture and realize this post began as an informative post about the specifics of a food forest.

While that post will happen, I'm not there anymore. It's full on dark now and the music just keeps coming. And I haven't set anything on fire. Bonus!

BC is like clockwork. At 2145, he will come into the house to watch the 2200 news. At 2222, he will be ready for bed.

He works hard. We both do on this dream. I planted in the hummingbird garden today; meadow blazing star, yellow coneflower, showy goldenrod, leadplant...and I planted fall veggies for the first time ever. Cabbage, bok choy, cilantro, radishes, turnips, carrots, spinach, and some other that I forgot since it was hours ago... I struggled with the idea since we are going to be in the upper 80's-90's for the next week and the chance of rain is iffy. But I did it anyway. A new adventure...

BC weeded, watered, mulched the garden beds that I haven't yet commandeered for fall crops. He may start charging me rent. I'll happily pay in spinach and mustard greens.

In the evenings, we rest. We regroup. Harvest time is upon us and we have been waiting for this moment.

So tonight is about resting. And enjoying the music and the life even after the darkness comes. I still can't see the moon. Maybe it's deep in the stars, also resting. We shine best when we rest. (That should be a bumper sticker!)

So until I make millions composing bumper stickers, this is my life. And I love it.

The song continues.

Nature is the music.

I am the words...

And the eyes...

Or to the best of my ability...

Nature always wins...

And I am learning to be a better loser.

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Aug 18, 2023

I adore you bumper sticker “We shine best when we rest”

Jan 12
Replying to

I'm going to have it printed...😊

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