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Barefoot in October

It is a fantastically gorgeous October day here in Wisconsin. (As if the word "gorgeous" wasn't enough...) Nearly 60 degrees and every now and then the sun peeks out from the clouds. My weather app says the clouds are broken. I hope they find a good therapist.

I'm sorry the clouds are broken. I hope they work through their issues.

BC is still in Mesa and it's my first day off in 21 days. I stayed up late watching THE Batman and eating popcorn. I almost embarrased to admit that I am a newly-fledged Robert Pattinson fan. But it is what it is.

See the caption under The Popcorn Picture (totally staged) for my latest life hack. This blog is full of so much good information. Why do I not have a million readers?

Why is Kraft not sponsoring me? Watkins. where is my royalty check?

The Popcorn Picture. Make popcorn, put about two inches in a bowl, add a layer of creamy melt mozzarella and then your favorite seasoning. Repeat until the bowl is full. Microwave for two minutes and then enjoy!

Anyway, the point of all of this is, as the title subtly implies, I was able to go out to the garden this morning in my bare feet to gather fresh herbs and tomatos. I would post a pix but it's a little known law in Wisconsin that October through April are "Hygiene Optional." Meaning we only shower when we can't remember the last time we showered. Legs don't get shaved. Toenails and armpits, well, let's not go there. Those unmentionables that won't see daylight until spring are best left unmentioned.

We have only a few days until the weather changes. Which means I have only a few hours today to get some major work accomplished.

A "for realzies" snapshot of my life. Tea, breakfast, bulbs to plant. So on and so forth.

Looking at the table in front of me..( the picture is totally not staged...).I have 100 daffodil bulbs to plants, saffron crocus bulbs, also. Tea to drink. Scrambled eggs to eat. The jars full of egg shells and coffee grounds are to deter to moles that have taken up residence under my dogwood hedge. The cosmos and nasturtiums and volunteer marigolds are still blooming but the pollinators have already started their long sleep. (Not sure why that is relevant, but whatev...)

The cosmos are still blooming. Pix taken last night.

Fresh tomatoes, garlic chives, thyme and oregano from the garden.

I have nearly 200 plants to trench in for the winter before the ground freezes. Fallen leaves scritch scratch their way over the grass. I'll rake them up into piles underneath the drip line of our maple trees. All the little critters that overwinter in the leaves will have soft landings on which to lay their little heads. (My next blog. I know, you can't wait!)

All are welcome here.

Leave the Leaves! (My next blog...)

BC just texted me that he's watching the Packers game this afternoon. Then a sunset in the desert before he comes back to Sconnie tomorrow. I respond with "Not a bad life." And realize that it's the same for me here.

Barefoot in October. Not a bad life.

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