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Tea at Two for One

Grizz approves of afternoon tea.

BC and I will quite often take an afternoon tea break as a breather in our busy summer days. Today he is 300 miles away, driving with a friend down to Mesa, Az. He left early and I slept late. It's my one day off in a string of 12 days and I took full advantage. Our house smells of Earl Grey White Tip tea from Tea Source (simply THE BEST black tea in the entire universe.) And no, of the twelve people that read my blog, none of them work for Tea Source. And our house also smells of taco soup, slated for my dinner. And cilantro. And onion.

15 days of work left this season. Then I have this guy waiting for me. Life is good.

It's late in the season. I have fifteen days of work left until our Scandia PRI location closes for the year. While I love my job, I'm not sad. 2023 has been a year for the books and I'm not saying books by any great author. Even a cheesy romance auther couldn't put a positive spin on this summer.


a brilliant day, however. Fifty six degrees and mostly sunny. Leaves from the ash tree above my head helicopter their way to the ground. I sometimes mistake their sporadic flight for finches heading toward the bird feeder. A few homeless bees linger on the cosmos and the orange coneflowers.

My jeep is lonely in the driveway. Yesterday the muffler fell off. It now sounds like all the redneckloud muffler vehicles I am always complaining about. Taylor Swift knows nothing about Karma.

BC texted me that he's brain dead "staring at asphalt for the past Brazillian hours."

He left at 0800.

Grizz is securing the hummingbird garden. Rockie Rockstar is patrolling the perimeter for paparazzi. Nukidee is sleeping in the sun on the deck. The boyz (Caspurr and Dexter) are in the art studio for another hour or two.

October is a hard month. We lost my stepfather in October. I had only one day with him in over three decades. And two years ago we lost my then 28 year-old niece. Her core family is in New Orleans fulfilling a life-long dream of Jackie's. I'm hoping they find some peace.

Jackie. I miss that smile.

I understand that grief is a part of life, as it letting go and letting be. No season better represents closure and renewal at the same time than autumn.

I'm ready to let go of summer 2023 and start over. I'ts been a successful year for the food forest and the native gardens. Not so much for me. But I'm still here. Hoping to be more active on the blog and Facebook page. I haven't had much extra energy for creativility and I'm still struggling with writer's block. I'm hoping that will change as my world settles down into winter. Maybe it starts today. I think it's a good sign that I'm drinking tea and writing at 4 in the afternoon. Grizz agrees. As do the chickadees and the remaining bees.

The sunlight is now soft on a hard summer. Long shadows but high hopes. Who says October can't be a time of renewal? Not me. I'll take hope wherever and

October 15th and the coneflowers are still blooming.

whenever I can get it.

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